Portrait Commission Example

Portrait Commission Example

When a client wishes to commission the artist to paint a portrait, the first step in the commission process is to complete the appropriate model release form. By entering this contract the client acknowledges that they have reviewed other portraits by the artist and are familiar with the artist’s style and wish to have a fine art portrait of the subject completed by the artist in oils or watercolor.

Next, an initial photo session for the portrait will be conducted. The artist will use the reference photos to develop a composition study. An example of a composition study is shown below.

Group Portrait Composition Study

Group Portrait Composition Study, a Watercolor Portrait Study by Frank Fuchs

When the client has approved the study, the final painting will be started. All preliminary sketches, drawings, or paintings remain the property of the artist. An example of a detail sketch is shown below.

Group Portrait Detail Sketch

Group Portrait Detail Sketch, a Watercolor Portrait Detail Sketch by Frank Fuchs

The final painting is usually completed within three months of the first session. Upon completion, it is reviewed by the client. When approved, it is delivered. Fees are only for the original artwork and do not include copyrights or reproduction rights, which remain with the artist. The example final painting is shown below.

Group Portrait

Group Portrait, a Watercolor Portrait by Frank Fuchs

For additional details, you may view a sample portrait commission contract.