Portrait Commission Contract

This is a contract between the “client” ______________________________ located at:
Street: ______________________________
City: ______________________________
State: ________________ Zip: __________ Phone: ___________________
and Frank Fuchs, the “artist”.

The client wishes to commission the artist to paint a portrait of ______________________________, the “subject”. The appropriate model release form has been signed by the subject or the subject’s parent or guardian. By entering this contract the client acknowledges that they have reviewed other portraits by the artist and are familiar with the artist’s style and wish to have a fine art portrait of the subject completed by the artist in oils or watercolor. Examples of the artist’s work can be seen at frankfuchsart.com.

Client: ______________________________
Subject: ______________________________
Medium (select one): Oil _____ Watercolor _____
Brief Description: Head _____ Bust _____ Three Quarter _____ Full _____
Image Size: ______________________________
Background: Minimal _____ Detail: _____
if detail, explain:
Additional Subjects: __________________________________________________________________

The price of the commission portrait is $__________ plus artist’s travel expenses and shipping, if required. Price does not include framing and / or matting.

Initial photo session for the portrait is to be conducted on _______________. At that time, a payment of 1/3 the total commission price ($__________) is due.

The artist will use the reference photos to develop a composition study. When the client has approved the study, the second payment of 1/3 the total commission price ($__________) is due, and the final painting will be started. All preliminary sketches, drawings, or paintings remain the property of the artist.

The final painting is usually completed within three months of the first session. Upon completion, it is reviewed by the client. When approved, it is delivered and the final payment of 1/3 the total commission price ($__________) and any travel and / or shipping costs are due.

Fees are only for the original artwork and do not include copyrights or reproduction rights, which remain with the artist.

Copyright Issues

Clarification of Artist rights as protected by the Federal Copyright Act of 1976 and the Federal Visual Rights Act of 1991:

Purchase of a copyrighted artwork does not transfer the copyrights. The copyright to reproduce the works in copies, to produce derivative work based on the copyrighted image, and distribute copies is retained by the Artist. Any tranfer of this copyright must be in writing expressly identifying what rights ar being sold and for what purpose.

Works of art cannot be modified without the permission of the artist. Works cannot be distributed, mutilated, or modified in any way that would prejudice the reputation of the Artist.

Client: ______________________________
Signature: ______________________________
Date: ______________________________
Contract Date: ______________________________
Contract Number: ______________________________
Artist: _____    Frank Fuchs    ______
Signature: ______________________________
Date: ______________________________